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Explore the web with the assurance that your privacy is protected. BuzzRisk Website Privacy Scan is designed for you, the consumer, offering a detailed analysis of the safety and privacy practices of any website you frequent or are curious about.

Our service meticulously examines and reports on a variety of factors including the presence of third-party trackers, the transparency and content of privacy policies, past data breaches, and overall security measures. With each scan, you'll receive a comprehensive risk assessment, highlighting any potential concerns and providing you with a clear risk score.

We also verify the website's security certifications, ensuring they align with industry standards. This service is your personal guide to understanding and navigating the digital landscape safely, giving you the power to make informed decisions about where to share your information and which services to trust. Whether it's a new online shopping destination or a trending service, BuzzRisk arms you with the critical information needed to protect your online data.

BuzzRisk Website Privacy Scan

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