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Home Network & Data Protection Services from ThreatBee



Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanning

Secure your home network with Antenna, our proactive vulnerability scanning service. Harnessing the power of AI to detect varied threats and security weaknesses, Antenna enables you to fortify your home network effectively. Reports are readily accessible through our easy-to-use customer portal.


Dark Web & Data Breach Monitoring

Maintaining the integrity of your personal information is crucial in a connected world. Our Hive-Watcher service uses Adversarial Intelligence technology to meticulously monitor for potential data breaches, alerting you instantly if your personal data is at risk. Through our accessible client portal, you can gain detailed insights and take effective action.

Both Services Combined

Hive Shield - The complete home network alerting package

Whether safeguarding personal data or protecting your home network, the combined strength of our Hive-Watcher and Antenna services offers a robust shield against potential cyberspace threats. Together, they create a significantly more secure digital environment, giving you the comfort and peace to navigate your digital life.

Hive-Watcher vigilantly monitors your precious data around the clock, while Antenna keeps a steady eye on the health of your home network. This all-round protection ensures comprehensive defense against potential vulnerabilities and threats.

Furthermore, our flexible Hive-Watcher service allows additional assets to be added to the monitoring list whenever needed. This ability to adapt and grow with your changing digital footprint makes ThreatBee a truly versatile cybersecurity partner.

With ThreatBee, get ready to experience a powerful alliance of services that will fortify your home-based cybersecurity to business-tier levels. Embrace the combined might of Hive-Watcher and Antenna because when it comes to your digital safety, we believe in leaving no stone unturned.

Choose your plan

  • Watcher Only

    Every month
    Watcher Service for 1 Monitored Asset. Additional assets can be added at any time.
    • 1 monitored asset on our Watcher data monitoring service
  • Antenna Only

    Every month
    Antenna Home Vulnerability Scanner Service
    • 1 Home IP Address Monitored with Antenna Scanner
  • Hive Shield Plan

    Every month
    Watcher + Antenna Services
    • 1 Monitored Home IP Address + 2 Watcher Assets Monitored

Step into the future of home cybersecurity with the vigilance of ThreatBee.

Safeguard your digital abode with precision and expertise,  the hallmarks of ThreatBee's Antenna service.
Each smart device brings convenience but also poses potential risks. We meticulously scan for external vulnerabilities outside your home network, offering not just detection, but a crystal-clear path to resolution with our comprehensive reports and protective recommendations.


With ThreatBee, you choose unshakable vigilance. Our Hive-Watcher service is the AI powered seeker of your personal information, tirelessly searching the digital depths of the web for any trace of your data. Receive immediate alerts and so you can take swift action to secure your privacy if leaks are spotted.

 Harnessing our services means fortifying your home against tomorrow's cyber threats today. Close the door on vulnerabilities and cyber thieves with ThreatBee's Antenna and Hive-Watcher – your dual sentinels in cyber protection. Trust in our detailed oversight to empower your digital life with the shield it deserves.

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