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Privacy & Risk Reporting Services


Are you questioning the safety of the websites and apps you use? Let BuzzRisk be your guide to digital peace of mind. Discover, assess, and secure your online presence against privacy and security risks with just a few clicks.

BuzzRisk scans target websites and apps for privacy threats, detecting third-party trackers, assessing data risk,  and offering clarity on potential 3rd party data sharing.

Detailed Security Scans

Get a complete, scan that thoroughly sifts through your choice of apps and websites, pinpointing every detail that matters for your security. With BuzzRisk, nothing is overlooked from apparent vulnerabilities to hidden privacy threats, receive a comprehensive snapshot of your digital safety.

3rd Party Insight

Discover exactly who’s watching you. Our one-off report illuminates all the third-party trackers operating on your sites and apps. Find out who they are, what they’re collecting, and their purpose. With BuzzRisk, equip yourself with the knowledge needed to take control of your privacy.

Easy To Understand Reports

Your security concerns, quantified. BuzzRisk translates technical findings into a personalized risk score, representing the overall safety level of your scanned apps and websites. Make sense of complicated security data through a simple, yet powerful scoring system designed to inform and empower your online experiences.

Risk Transparency

Understand your risk exposure based on history. BuzzRisk examines the breach and malware history associated with your websites and apps, providing a historical context to the security posture of the digital platforms you trust.

Know Who's Watching You:

BuzzRisk shows you what companies or trackers are following you around online when you visit websites or use apps.
  • BuzzRisk App Scan

    Scan a Smartphone App and Get a Personal Comprehensive Privacy & Risk Report
    Valid for 7 days
  • BuzzRisk Website Scan

    Scan a Website and Get a Comprehensive Personal Privacy & Risk Report
    Valid for 7 days

Combining BuzzRisk with Hive-Watcher and Antenna is like having a team of expert bodyguards for your digital life. Imagine BuzzRisk as your personal investigator; it checks out apps and websites you use just once but in great detail, making sure they're not sneaky about your privacy or putting your security at risk.

Then there's Hive-Watcher, the relentless detective that's always on the lookout for any whispers about your information on the dark web — places where stolen data is often traded. If someone's trying to sell your personal details or if they've been exposed in a big company's data leak, Hive-Watcher will let you know ASAP so you can protect yourself.

And lastly, think of Antenna as the security guard that patrols your house, which in this case, is your home internet network. It's always checking to make sure all the doors and windows are locked tight, and it'll tell you if it finds any weak spots where a digital burglar might try to sneak in.

Put them all together, and you've got a powerhouse team that covers all your bases, keeping you in the loop and helping you stay safe in the digital world. Whether it's a one-off scan from BuzzRisk, constant monitoring from Hive-Watcher, or keeping your home network safe with Antenna, you can rest a little easier knowing you're well-protected.

Learn more about Hive-Watcher and our Antenna service by clicking the button below.

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